Adjust your tire pressure

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Why adjust tire pressure?

Incorrect tire pressure affects driving safety and traction, fuel consumption and tire wear. Tire pressure is influenced by a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, payload or tire damage. Additionally, pressure adjustments may be necessary to account for the terrain or weather conditions. Monitoring and adjusting the tire pressure using a tire inflation system offers many advantages:

  •  Increased traction for off-road use or in adverse weather conditions
  •  Lower fuel consumption
  •  Improved safety & cornering stability control
  •  Reduced tire wear
  • Time savings through simultaneous and precise pressure adjustment of all tires
  • Clearing sand / mud / snow without outside help
  • Driving on snow | mud without snow chains

Exploit of the further advantages of adjusted tire pressure

Up to 100% increased traction

Reducing the tire pressure creates a larger footprint, improves the tire’s self-cleaning properties and increases traction by up to 100%!

Improved Safety

Higher tire pressure on the road ensures safer driving, with enhanced steering response and stability around corners.

Reduced tire wear

Overinflated tires cause premature center tread wear, while the shoulders of the tire are barely worn. The correct tire pressure also ensures less rubber abrasion.

Lower fuel consumption

A well-adjusted tire pressure effectively reduces rolling resistance and optimizes fuel efficiency.

Lower operational costs

The tire inflation systems are purely pneumatic units and so require virtually no maintenance.

Time savings

Our patented tire valve ensures simultaneous pressure adjustment of all tires in significantly less time than conventional tire inflation systems.

Protect environment

Maintaining the right tire pressure helps to protect the environment!


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