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ti.systems is a leading supplier of tire inflation systems. Since 1991 we have provided more than 15,000 vehicles across the world with custom solutions.

In the last 25 years, ti.systems products have been successfully installed for vehicles active in  recovery services, construction, fire departments, defense, medical emergency services, transport companies, desert and oil-field missions.

World-wide, companies, governments and private customers sucessfully use our tire-inflation systems.

We provide tire inflation systems for vehicles in every category : trucks, ATV’s, logistic, trailers, armoured, ambulances, off-road.

Highest quality. Reliable price. Easy to retrofit.

semi-automatic tire inflation system

Semi-automatic Tire Inflation System

The STIS is a precision tire inflation system designed for stationary vehicles.

Central Tire Inflation System

The CTIS is a user-friendly and accurate tire inflation system configured for moving vehicles.

Individual Solutions

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Why adjust tire pressure?

Tire pressure can vary due to multiple factors, like a leaky fitting, outside temperature, payload, tire damage.

Incorrect tire pressure affects driving safety, traction, handling, fuel consumption and tire wear.

ti.systems allows you to adapt the vehicle’s tire pressure to a large range of driving conditions. Anytime and anywhere! Save fuel and maximize safety. Benefit from reduced tire wear and up to 100% gain in traction. Thus, driving at all times with the correct tire pressure, regardless of the terrain’s condition, offers major advantages.

Gets a vehicle unstuck with no outside intervention. Maintains full traction when driving on sand or mud. Provides perfect performance on snow, without snow chains.

Exploit of the further advantages of adjusted tire pressure

Up to 100% increased traction

Improved Safety

Reduced tire wear

Lower fuel consumption

Lower operational costs

Time savings

Protect environment

tire inflation systems made in Germany | since 1991

Why us?

26 years experience

Providing hardwearing equipment and high quality tire inflation systems.

Certified Quality

ti.systems is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015

Great Support

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providing tire inflation systems for more than 25 years