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For more than 25 years ti.systems products are succesfully used in many different areas such as Recovery services, Construction industry, Fire departments, Expeditions, Government defenses, Emergency medical-services, Transport companies and Desert- and Oil-field missions. Our tire inflation systems are used by companies, governments and private customers all over the world.

We provide tire inflation systems for all types of vehicles like Trucks, ATVs, Logistic vehicles and any Trailer.

Highest Quality. Reliable Price. Easy to Retrofit.

STIS | Semi-automatic Tire Inflation System

The STIS is a precise tire inflation system for using when the vehicle is stationary.

CTIS | Central Tire Inflation System

The CTIS is a comfortable and precise tire inflation system for using on the go.

Individual Solutions

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Why adjust tire pressure?

Tire pressure can also change due to a variety of reasons like air loss due to a leaky fitting, outside temperature, payload or damage to a tire. Wrong tire pressure affects the driving safety, traction, handling, fuel consumption and life cycle of the tires.

ti.systems enables you to adjust your vehicles tire pressure to the conditions you are driving in. Anytime and Anywhere! Safe fuel and maximize your safety. Benefit from less tire wear and up to 100% more traction! Thus, driving with suitable tire pressure in every terrain offers major advantages.

Self rescue when got stuck. Full traction when driving on sand|mud. Perfect perfomance on snow, without snow chains.

Exploit of the further advantages of adjusted tire pressure

Up to 100% more traction

Improved Safety

Less tire wear

Reduced fuel consumption

Lower operational costs

Safe Time

Protect Environment

tire inflation systems made in Germany | since 1991

Why us?

26 Years Experience

Providing hardwearing and high quality tire inflation systems.

Certified Quality

ti.systems is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015

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providing tire inflation systems for more than 25 years