STIS | Semi-automatic Tire Inflation System

Precise tire pressure adjustment when vehicle is stationary

Adjust tire pressure while vehicle is stationary – Can be retrofitted to any vehicle – Inflate | deflate all tires simultaneously – No preperations required

Patented tire valve!

  • Screwed directly onto regular tire valve after inner valve core is removed
  • Much greater section width
  • Airflow up to 900l/min
  • Easy to use thanks to quick coupling system

All tires simultaneously!

  • Simultaneous pressure adjustment of all connected tires
  • Different pressures front | rear axle(s)
  • Significantly lower inflation and deflation times

Purely pneumatic!

  • Hard-wearing | virtually no maintenance
  • Easy to retroft at affordable cost
  • No electric or electronic components
  • No electromagnetic compatibility testing required

STIS | How to use

Step 1

Select the required pressure.

Step 2

Connect all hose depots to the tires.

Step 3

Tire pressure gets adjusted simultaneously in all conntected tires and system stops automatically when selected pressure is reached.

Step 4

Put back the spiral hoses into the hose depots.

STIS | control units

We offer different kinds of control units and operating units for adjusting the tire pressure. All of our boxes are manufactured using high-quality 3mm sheet steel and coated in colour shade RAL 7021 KTL*.

Hence, the inner components are optimally protected from mediums entering as well as from weather conditions.

*cataphoretic painting

Stageless Units

STIS stageless 1|1

  • Simultaneous inflation or deflation of all tires within a range of 0-10 bar | 0-6 bar | 0-4 bar
  • Select any pressure using a rotary knob
  • System stops automatically when desired pressure is reached
  • Dimensions: 15 cm | 12 cm | 30 cm (width | height | length)
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

STIS stageless c 1|1

  • Compact version – ideal for smaller vehicles with limited space
  • Main control valve (which is inside the normal stageless 1|1 box) is separate and can be mounted somewhere underneath the vehicle
  • Dimensions: 10 cm | 8 cm | 7 cm (width | height | length)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
STIS stageless G

STIS stageless G für Mercedes-Benz G + AIR SUPPLY K120

  • Pressure gauge, ON|OFF-switch, rotary knob integrated in original Mercedes-Benz G cover flap of driver’s seat console
  • Compressor AIR SUPPLY K120 fits perfectly underneath driver’s seat
  • Same functioning as stageless 1|1

Preset Units

STIS preset 4|1

  • Select one of 4 preset tire pressures using a rotary switch
  • HWY (Highway) – OFR (Offroad) – S/M (Sand | Mud | Snow) – EMC (Emergency)
  • Preset pressures can be altered by trained personel within minutes
  • Dimensions: 15 cm | 12cm | 30 cm (width | height | length)
  • Weight: 6.1 kg

STIS preset c 4|1

  • Select one of 4 preset tire pressures using a rotary switch
  • HWY (Highway) – OFR (Offroad) – S/M (Sand | Mud | Snow) – EMC (Emergency)
  • Preset pressures can be altered by trained personel within minutes
  • Compact version (main control unit seperately)
  • Dimensions: 15 cm | 9 cm | 8 cm (width | height | length)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

STIS preset 4|2

  • 8 preset pressures
  • 4 different preset pressures for front- and rear-axle(s)
  • Main control unit seperately
  • Dimensions: 30 cm | 12cm | 15 cm (width | height | length)
  • Weight: 6.0 kg

STIS | hose depots

Our hose depots come in two different sizes: 75mm and 125mm. The depot tubes and stamped caps are manufactured using high-grade, weather-proof and UV-resistant plastics.

Moreover, we use high-grade spiral hoses made of polyamide. This allows for long lasting operation without losing elasticity and internal stress. Depending on the vehicle different extension lengths of the spiral hoses are available.

hose depot NG75

STIS hose depot NG75

All depots of this size are equipped with size K21 plug-in couplings.

Depot length:           265mm |  290mm | 350mm

Extension length: 1500mm | 1900mm | 2500mm

hose depot NG125

STIS hose depot NG125

All depots of this size are equipped with size K26 plug-in couplings.

Depot length:           335mm | 420mm

Extension length: 2500mm | 3500mm | tire valves

Our patented screw-on tire valves can be installed onto any generic tire valve size. Thanks to the substantially bigger airflow rate, the tire pressure can be adjusted up to 8 times faster compared to using conventional tire valves.

Caps are included, which protect the tire valves from dust and dirt. Gas station adaptor with regular tire valve thread (Vg8) is part of every system.

for hose depot NG75

Tire valves S21 for hose depot NG75

The tire valves size S21 are available with 3 different connection threads.

Vg8 | stainless steel
Vg12 | nickel-plated brass
¼″ NPT | nickel-plated brass

for hose depot NG125

Tire valves S26 for hose depot NG125

The tire valves size S26 are available with 3 different connection threads as well.

Vg8 | nickel-plated brass
Vg12 | nickel-plated brass
M15x1 | nickel-plated brass | STIS

Time-tested for many years, the STIS allows the tire pressure to be adjusted when the vehicle is stationary. The STIS is based on a permanently fixed quick coupling system; it is connected with the vehicle’s pneumatic brake system or with one of our powerful AIR SUPPLY compressor systems so the tire pressure can be adjusted anytime and anywhere.

The user can adjust any required pressure (STIS stageless) or alternatively select between up to 8 preset tire pressures (STIS preset 4|2).

The purely pneumatic control unit guarantees trouble-free operation even in the harshest conditions.

After connecting the spiral hoses, the system operates autonomously, without the need for the driver to monitor the process. The system automatically cuts out when the correct pressure is reached.

Leading manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and MAN have been offering the STIS factory-fitted in their new vehicles for many years now. Retrofitting is simple and can be done by any workshop or by the buyer himself.

The STIS works fast, is precise and easy to handle.

The STIS offers distinct advantages:

Precise tire pressure adjustment when vehicle is stationary

Fast and easy to operate

Simultaneous pressure adjustment of all tires in no time

Nearly no maintenance required

Easy to retrofit

Low cost

The STIS can be fitted on:

Trucks 4×4 | 6×6 | 8×8 (single|twin tires)

ATVs | SUVs | Off-road vehicles | 4×4|6×6

Any type of trailer

STIS | media

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