STIS | Semi-automatic Tire Inflation System

Precise tire pressure adjustment when vehicle is stationary | STIS

Time-tested for many years, the STIS allows the tire pressure to be adjusted when the vehicle is stationary. The STIS is based on a permanently fixed quick coupling system; it is connected with the vehicle’s pneumatic brake system or with one of our powerful AIR SUPPLY compressor systems so the tire pressure can be adjusted anytime and anywhere.

The user can adjust any required pressure (STIS stageless) or alternatively select between up to 8 preset tire pressures (STIS preset 4|2).

The purely pneumatic control unit guarantees trouble-free operation even in the harshest conditions.

After connecting the spiral hoses, the system operates autonomously, without the need for the driver to monitor the process. The system automatically cuts out when the correct pressure is reached.

Leading manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and MAN have been offering the STIS factory-fitted in their new vehicles for many years now. Retrofitting is simple and can be done by any workshop or by the buyer himself.

The STIS works fast, is precise and easy to handle.

The STIS offers distinct advantages:

  • Precise tire pressure adjustment when vehicle is stationary
  • Fast and easy to operate
  • Simultaneous pressure adjustment of all tires in no time
  • Nearly no maintenance required
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low cost

The STIS can be fitted on:

  • Trucks 4×4 | 6×6 | 8×8 (single|twin tires)
  • ATVs | SUVs | Off-road vehicles | 4×4|6×6
  • Any type of trailer tire valve!

Our patented tire valve makes it quick and easy to adjust the tire pressure of your vehicle using our tire inflation systems. With a greater section width, the tire can be inflated and deflated up to 8 times faster. Easy to use thanks to quick coupling system!

All tires simultaneously!

Adjust the pressure in connected tires—all at once! Simultaneous pressure adjustment significantly reduces the inflation and deflation time. Optionally, the system allows different pressure settings for front and back axles.

Purely pneumatic!

ti.system tire inflation systems are purely pneumatic units with no electric or electronic components. As well as making them hard-wearing, they therefore require virtually no maintenance. What’s more, vehicles are easy to retrofit at affordable cost, without having to go through electromagnetic compatibility testing all over again.

STIS | control units

STIS stageless 1|1

The STIS stageless 1|1 allows simultaneous inflation or deflation of tires within a range of 0–10 bar using a rotary knob. A control unit simultaneously adjusts all connected tires to the required pressure, with the system automatically cutting out when the correct pressure is reached. The gauge always shows the current pressure of the connected tires.

STIS stageless c 1|1

The STIS stageless c 1|1 is identical to the STIS stageless 1|1 in all aspects except size. More compact in design, the control box of this unit is ideal for smaller vehicles with limited space.

STIS stageless 1|2

Specially designed for trailers, this unit allows for precise pressure adjustment, and with a second control system significantly reduces the deflation time.

STIS preset 4|1

This system enables the user to preset four tire pressures. Using a rotary switch, the required setting can then be conveniently selected to automatically adjust the pressure in all connected tires at the same time.

STIS preset 4|2

With up to eight preset tire pressures, this system allows different pressure settings by axle. Simply select the appropriate settings to simultaneously adjust the pressure in the front and the rear axle tires as required.

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