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  • 1991


    Founding of PTG Pösges & Tigges GmbH

    In 1991 Bertram Tigges founded the company in his father’s garage together with his friend Thomas Pösges. A little bit later his brother Martin Tigges also joined the company.

    Their goal was to facilitate the handling of heavy vehicles (agricultural as well as utility vehicles) facing difficult terrain conditions.

  • 1999

    Expanding to bigger premises

    With increasing orders and staff a bigger office and workshop was needed and found in the inner city of their hometown Neuss.



  • 2008


    Moving into own headquarter building

    Due to commitment, team work, endurance, high quality products and continuous development the company grew steadily and turned into a major global player within the business field of tire inflation systems.

  • 2010

    2,000 STIS for NATO state

    ti.systems’ largest order up to date. 2,000 STIS incl. AIR SUPPLY K160 are delivered to a NATO state.

    The homologations and sample reports are done together with a major OEM.



  • 2015


    Local UAE representative Martin Thurnn

    In the continuous growth and expansion of ti.systems Mr. Martin Thurnn joins the ti.systems team. He has an office in Dubai and is representing ti.systems successfully in the MENA region.

  • 2016

    New company ti.systems

    In 2016, the new company ti.systems GmbH was founded by Bertram Tigges, following a demerger from the former company PTG.

    ti.systems’ goal is to focus extensively on utility vehicles (logistics, defense, fire fighting, energy suppliers etc.) while PTG’s expertise lies in the Agricultural market.

    With innovation, quality and close support, the familiy-like team of ti.systems enables their customers to experience trouble-free operations on any terrain.

    Furthermore in 2016, ti.systems started expanding in the oil- and gas-field sector with many CTISr running nowadays in many fields all over the world.



  • 2017


    Significant expansion in private offroad market

    ti.systems quickly establishes themselves as the benchmark in the private offroad market.

    Attending the biggest European offroad exhibition Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen every year and expanding the dealer network everyday solidifies ti.systems’ STIS as the go-to tire inflation system in the market.

  • 2018

    Local France representative Antoine Raymond

    Antoine, who speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and lives in France, joins the ti.systems team. He successfully drives forward the expansion of ti.systems in France and Spain.



  • 2022


    Additional upper management

    Bertram Tigges’ son Marc Tigges gets appointed as additional managing director making sure that the values and family character of the business get carried on in the future.

    Furthermore, chief engineer Thomas Brock is appointed as authorized representative of ti.systems. Thanks to his profound knowledge and experience in the field (he wrote his diploma thesis about CTIS for tractors in 1987) he played a decisive role in the continuous rise of PTG and ti.systems.

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