Accessories for our tire inflation systems

Install our systems on any vehicle

All parts can be ordered from your preferred dealer or directly from us stating the below mentioned part numbers.

Accessories for (twin-)tires

Connector kit for twin tires

The connector kit for twin tires allows simultaneous inflation or deflation of twin tires with only one hose.

  • Greatly improved handling and accessibility
  • No need to reach the valve of the inner tire
  • Be sure that outer and inner tire have the same tire pressure

Part No.: TIS-X-650-065

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

mounting kit

Allows the use of tire valves in combination with tire pressure monitoring systems, which measure the tire pressure on the valve.

  • tire inflation systems usable in combination with any tire pressure monitoring system
  • Additional standard valve stem for screwing on TPMS-sensor

Part No.: TIS-X-650-070

Gas Station / Workshop Adapter

If you can’t use the spiral hoses from the hose depots of your STIS, this adaptor allows to connect the usual 8mm gas station connector to your tire valves.

  • Available for our size 21 and 26 tire valves

Part No.:

TIS-X-010-009   Adapter K21-Vg8

TIS-X-010-006   Adapter K26-Vg8

Valve extensions

180° Vg8 valve extension

Offers comfortable access of the tire valve when the valve stem faces inwards.

Part No.: TIS-X-650-034

Straight 60mm Vg8 valve extension

Needed for comfortable reach of the tire valve when the valve stem is far back inside the rim.

Part No.: TIS-X-650-062

Straight 20mm Vg8 valve extension

Needed for comfortable reach of the tire valve when the valve stem is a little too short.

Part No.: TIS-X-651-024

90° Elbow Vg8 valve

Needed for comfortable reach of the tire valve when the valve stem is not facing outwards optimally.

Part No.: TIS-X-650-032


Hand-held pressure gauge with connecter K21

The hand-held pressure gauge allows to check the current tire pressure without the need for an extra adapter.

Part No.: TIS-X-510-012

EMUK Air-Lift equipped with tire valve

The EMUK Air-Lift is a heavy-duty, wear-resistant, compressed air lift pad resistant to petrol, oil and acid, which was specially developed for mobile homes and caravans.
All unevenness and height differences of the surface can be leveled out continuously from 1.5 cm to 20 cm.

In combination with the tire valve, you can use your STIS to fill up the Air-Lift in seconds.

  • Lifting capacity: 11t at 6 bar
  • Pressure test approved: 48 hours at 5 bar

Part No.:

TIS-X-360-001   2-piece set with S21-Vg8 valves

TIS-X-360-002   Air-Lift 70cm for twin tires with S21-Vg8 valve

TIS-X-360-003   Air-Lift “Monster Truck” 100cm with S21-Vg8 valve

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