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Herman Unterwegs

Sabine and Michael have replaced their permanent residence with a moving one and live in various vehicles for a couple of years now. On their blog and youtube channel, they share their experiences of their mobile life and the diverse 4-wheel vehicles they deal with. They are currently building a new expedition truck that will handle even the most remote locations and difficult terrains – no surprise they decided to install a tire inflation system from on their truck!  |  Youtube  |  Facebook

Ulrich Dolde

With his book „Motorhome self-build and optimisation“, grease monkey and writer Ulrich Dolde helps all offroad fanatics realizing their dream of building and modifying an own motorhome. His book, which contains more than 500 pages, does not leave open any questions and makes the reader want to start with the dream project. Dolde enjoys being offroad himself with his „Sternchen“. With a tire inflation system from he hopefully won’t get stuck so often anymore in the future 😉

The Sunnyside

Karo and Phil from the youtube channel „The Sunnyside“ travel around the world with their self-made modified defender „Willi“. The transformation from a write-off defender to a „Go-Anywhere-Camper“ happened mainly in front of a parent’s garage. After one and a half years and 60,000 navigated kilometers across North-America, Willi started enjoying its well-deserved summer vacation in June 2018. The defender is currently receiving a makeover – including an STIS tire inflation system – until the end of 2018. In 2019 the adventure of the three will continue with Patagonia as their first destination.  |  Youtube  |  Instagram


Roughly 45,000 kilometers in 11 months, proper hardness tests and breathtaking destinations: With their 4-wheel expedition truck on Axor-basis, the Swiss couple Andrea and Mike Kammermann starts their tour of extreme in Zurich and will travel through a total of 19 countries. The show-stopper: 4-xtremes’ journey leads them to the four most extreme drivable locations on earth.
Thanks to their tires always have the accurate pressure which is needed to get them safe through every terrain.  |  Youtube  |  Instagram