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Roughly 45,000 kilometers in 11 months, proper hardness tests and breathtaking destinations: With their 4-wheel expedition truck on Axor-basis, the Swiss couple Andrea and Mike Kammermann starts their tour of extreme in Zurich and will travel through a total of 19 countries. The show-stopper: 4-xtremes’ journey leads them to the four most extreme drivable locations on earth.
Thanks to their tires always have the accurate pressure which is needed to get them safe through every terrain.  |  Youtube  |  Instagram

Ulrich Dolde

With his book „Motorhome self-build and optimisation“, grease monkey and writer Ulrich Dolde helps all offroad fanatics realizing their dream of building and modifying an own motorhome. His book, which contains more than 500 pages, does not leave open any questions and makes the reader want to start with the dream project. Dolde enjoys being offroad himself with his „Sternchen“. With a tire inflation system from he hopefully won’t get stuck so often anymore in the future 😉


Already since his childhood, native Dane Hauke Bruhn aka MAX HUNT developed his deep passion for nature. His father taught him everything he needed to know about nature, but especially the virtue of patience and waiting for the right moment.

In 2009, Hauke decided to live his dream and to quit his nine-to-five job. Today, he travels across the whole world, continuously HUNT-ing for adventures and new challenges. Thus, the adventurer and film-maker, who is living in Sweden, set off to a 5-year trip visiting as many unknown places as possible with his awe-inspiring truck. Let the HUNT begin!

In order to ensure smooth and comfortable traveling, his truck has been equipped with our reliable, precise and purely pneumatic central tire inflation system “CTISr“, which allows to regulate the tire pressure on the go from the driver’s cab.  |  Youtube  |  Instagram

Blickdicht Manufaktur

In the beginning, there was the search of a high-quality thermo insulation mat for the own Land Cruiser. Nothing came up, so they did it themselves. Today, Anja and Gerhard run their own manufactory and produce top-quality thermo insulation mats of any type, individually customized for their customers. Meanwhile, there are further systems that are individually manufactured for every vehicle or window: BlidimaX®roof – for pop-top roofs, BlidimaX®carbody – for vans, BlidimaX®home – for skylights and winter gardens. Thanks to’ STIS tire inflation system, Anja and Gerhard always have the correctly adjusted pressure on their own adventures.  |    Facebook

Global Fire Fighters Germany

„Global Fire Fighters Germany“ (GFFG) is a private aid-oriented initiative run by fire safety engineers and voluntary firefighters Jürgen Sprengel and Harald Schillegger from Dortmund. The project, which is unique in the world, is realised as a global journey using a 4-wheel expedition vehicle that is equipped with fire fighting technology and rescue material. The vehicle is not just a home on wheels for the project team but simultaneously serves as an emergency vehicle, e.g. for traffic accident or medical emergencies in sparsely populated regions that do not offer fire fighting or rescue service infrastructure. The project vehicle is equipped for a self-sufficient mission far away from civilization lasting several weeks and can drive more than 2,000 kilometers.

Thanks to the STIS tire inflation system, the GFFG team is able to adjust their tire pressure to the external ground conditions (e.g. mud, sand) in no time – a basic prerequisite for a successful performance of the fire fighting project, which is going to take place under conditions in difficult environments with increased safety requirements.