CTIS | Central Tire Inflation System

Precise tire pressure adjustment on the go

Adjust tire pressure while vehicle is moving – Internal air lines through axles (prepared axles required)


ti.systems Wheel Valve (TISWV)

  • Airtight as a regular tire valve
  • Opens and closes reliably using air pressure
  • High-grade material (anodized aluminium)
  • Perfect fit for Hutchinson rims
  • Adaptable to most other rims


Maximum durability and reliability!

  • Lines pressureless when system is off
  • Thus, extended lifetime of rotary unions
  • Thermal application -40°C to +70°C


Purely pneumatic!

  • No electric or electronic components
  • Hard-wearing
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • No electromagnetic compatibility test required



ti.systems Wheel Valve | TISWV

• Dimensions: 5.8 cm | 6.5 cm | 4 cm (width | height | length)

• Weight: 191 g

• Fording ability

• Possibility of integration of regular tire valve

• Rate of air flow up to ~400l/min

• Static temperature range: -30°C to +120°C

• Dynamic temperature range: -10°C to +80°C

CTIS | operating unit | control unit

CTIS preset  4|1 operating unit*

• Dimensions: 16 cm | 9 cm | 8.5 cm (width | height | length)

• Weight: 1.5 kg

• Thermal application -40°C to +70°C

• Same pressures in the front | rear

• One rotary switch for 4 adjustable pressure presets

*combination with one CTIS control unit required

CTIS preset  4|2 operating unit*

• Dimensions: 25 cm | 10 cm | 8.5 cm (width | height | length)

• Weight: 2.7 kg

• Thermal application -40°C to +70°C

• Different pressures in the front | rear

• One rotary switch for 2×4 adjustable pressure presets

*combination with two CTIS control units required

CTIS control unit

• Dimensions: 15 cm | 12 cm | 20 cm (width | height | length)

• Weight: 4.4 kg

• Thermal application -40°C to +70°C

• Adjusts the pressure of all tires to selected setting

• Stops automatically when the target pressure is reached

• Full transmission of compressed air

• 1 unit is required for CTIS preset 4|1

• 2 units are required for CTIS preset 4|2

ti.systems | CTIS

Our CTIS is an extremely robust and convenient tire inflation system for pressure adjustment on the go.

Thanks to our new ti.systems Wheel Valve (TISWV), trucks with prepared axles can be equipped with our purely pneumatic CTIS preset 4|1 or preset 4|2.
Once turned on, the system allows the user to select from up to 8 individually preset tire pressures with just a flick of the wrist and can be conveniently operated from the driver’s cabin.  Only then, our TISWVs are opened and the air lines are under pressure. As soon as the desired pressure is reached and the system is turned off, all lines are pressureless and the TISWVs are closed – a very big advantage as the seals and rotary unions will wear significantly less and air cannot leak through the valves when the vehicle is standing still for longer periods of time.

The compact TISWV is adaptable to most rims and optionally comes with an integrated standard Vg8 valve.
It has fording ability and operates from -10°c up to +80°C.

The CTIS offers distinct advantages:

Doubling traction by adjusting tire pressure

Comfortable and precise tire pressure adjustment on the go

Fast and easy to operate

Optional: Different pressures for front | rear

No electric or electronic components

No danger of leaking air over night

Adaptable to most rims

Air supply by vehicles air brake system or a powerful ti.systems AIR SUPPLY

Preset pressures can be modified in a few minutes by authorized personel

The CTIS can be fitted on:

Trucks with prepared axles | 4×4 | 6×6 | 8×8 | single or twin tires

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