Mercedes G 6×6 equipped with STIS

On customer inquiry via Mercedes-Benz Australia, we installed our STIS stageless 1|1 together with an AIR SUPPLY K120 onto a 6×6 G-wagon with double cabin as reference for future projects.

We equipped already 2,000 6×6 single-cabin G-wagons with an STIS stageless 1|1 and AIR SUPPLY K160 in Australia in 2012.

The distinctiveness with this project is that the AIR SUPPLY is mounted underneath the driver’s seat. The user controls, the pressure gauge and the ON/OFF-switch are integrated into the flap below the seat. Thus, the controls are space-saving as well as user-friendly at the same time.

Below, you can have a closer look at our solution.

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G 6x6 STIS control unit